Live Leap review

Used to be, making affiliate commissions was one of the easiest ways to get paid online. With a website, without a website, didn’t matter.You could do it with social media posts, a quick and dirty YT video,heck even posting on forums.

Not so much today. The competition is insane. You’re up against full time marketers advertising on every possible channel. With blogs,review sites and videos backing up every single promo. Whatcha gonna do? Tap into the largest audience online, and deliver your message on the fastest growing platform that exists. FB is the audience. FB Live is the fastest growing video streaming platform on the planet.


This software and training takes FBs latest and makes it truly great.By letting you multiply your exposure across not just FB, but also across top social media networks.Imagine an audience in the TENS of THOUSANDS listening to your message. And the chance to go viral with every live stream. You don’t even have to be on camera if you don’t want to be. The training shows how to stream from your desktop, so you can do screenshare product reviews & demos, and still get ALL the benefits from this massive platform.

live leap review

This is the world’s 1st and only software, fully endorsed by FB, that takes complete advantage of FB Live. It’s a massively unfair advantage for affiliate marketers.You’ll get thousands of eyeballs on anything you’re promoting. And potentially triple your commissions, without paying a dime for traffic.

Live Leap is the worlds first Facebook approved tool that takes advantage of Facebook LIVE by syndicating your live feed across your facebook profiles, groups and pages as well as your other key social networks such as twitter, linked in, your email list and even your cellular device.
Until now there was NO way at all to share your live feed across facebook to your business pages or groups, let alone external social networks, meaning you were only reaching a very small percentage of your market when doing your live calls.

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Worlds First FB Approved Tool to Syndicate Your Live Feed Across Facebook

The moment you go live, Live leap will post your live feed direct to you chosen fan pages, facebook groups and profiles instantly to ensure you get the MOST viewers on LIVE.

Syndicate Your Live Feed Across External Social Networks

Live Leap also integrates direct with Twitter, Linked in (snap) to ensure your external social networks can view you

Worlds First Email S SMS FB LIVE Integration

The moment you go live you can have Live Leap email your entire email list letting them know you are live and the topic of conversation. We have also integrated with twillio so you can even text message your subscribers to let them know!


Track Your Analytics S Performance

Just like webinars, people come and go. Live Leap is the first tool that shows you the most engaging parts of your live what you can work on in future.

100% Set S Forget

Simply select your pages and social networks and close live leap, it’s as simple as that! Whenever you go live it will trigger Live Leap in the cloud 8 do all the work for you!

Monetize Your LIVE Calls Instantly

We track the users who have engaged with your live calls so you can follow up with them POST stream 8 include strategies on how to monetize your live feed!

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